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1Municipal Ordinance No. 7, s. 2023 – An Ordinance Enacting the 2023 Revised Revenue Code of the Municipality of Candaba, Province of Pampanga
2Municipal Ordinance No. 6, s. 2019 – An Ordinance Prohibiting Obstruction On Public Roads, Sidewalks, and Other Similar Public Places in the Muniicipality of Candaba
3Municipal Ordinance No. 8, s. 2018 – An Ordinance Amending Section I of Chapter V of Municipal Ordinance No. 2 Series of 2004 Entitled An Ordinance Prescribing The Rules and Regulations for the Effective Control and Eradication of Canin
4Municipal Ordinance No. 6, s. 2018 – An Ordinance Establishing A Proper Sewage Treatment and Septage Management System in the Municipality of Candaba and Prescribing Penalties for Violation Thereof and for other purposes
5Municipal Ordinance No.4, s. 2018 – An Ordinance Institutionalizing Dengue Prevention and Control Program, Requiring All Residents of Candaba
6Municipal Ordinance No. 11, s. 2017 – An Ordinance Regulating the use of Plastic Cellphone and Sando Bags as Packaging Materials and Utilization of Polystyrene, Commonly Known As Styrofoam, for Food and Beverages Containers in the Municipal
7Municipal Ordinance No. 7, s. 2017 – An Ordinance Prohibiting the Use, Sale, Distribution, and Advertisement of Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products in Certain Places, Imposing Penalties for Violations and Providing Funds Thereof
8Municipal Ordinance No. 6, s. 2017 – An Ordinance Regulating the Selling, Serving, and Drinking of Liquor in Place of Entertainment, Business Establishments, and Public Places, Proving Penalties for Violation Thereof, and Repealing
9Municipal Ordinance No. 3, s. 2017 – The Anti-Noise Ordinance of the Municipality of Candaba
10Municipal Ordinance No. 1, s. 2015 – An Ordinance Advocating The Candabeno First Policy in the Hiring of Personnel By Companies and Business Enterprises and Establishments Operating in the Municipality of Candaba and for other purposes
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