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DHVSU Intramurals: DCC Bagged 9th Runner-up Overall Champion!

Dakal a salamat pu Ing Malugud at kareng ka antabe tamung Konsehal Ramjay Maglanque ampo Konsehal Thelma Macapagal keng alang sawang suportang bibiye da kareng magaral tamu king DHVSU Candaba Campus. Meging matagumpe ing mumunang sabak dareng kekatamung anak at lalu mi pa pung gilasan kareng daratang pang banwa. Pang 9 over 19 participating teams ya pu ing DCC. Dakal a salamat pu!

DHVSU Intramurals: DCC Bagged 9th Runner-up Overall Champion!
After two weeks of preparation and full commitment and determination, DHVSU Candaba Campus players embarked on a remarkable beginning as they ranked 9th runner-up overall champion in the recently concluded DHVSU Intramurals with the theme: “Honoring Spirit: Championing Adversities through Sports”, held last November 21-25, 2022.
The DCC community showed its full support as the teachers, non-teaching staff, student council, FACES, sub-organization, and students voluntarily went to Main Campus to cheer for the DCC participants.
However, after two years of not having intramurals due to the pandemic, this is the first year that DCC joined and sent players in the said competition. DCC players showed the spirit of sportsmanship and made history.
Meanwhile, Ms. Marjorie Cunanan, the Sport Coordinator of DCC, expressed her message to the players. “Just continue the excitement and love for the sports. Congratulations for bringing home the bacon in DHVSU CANDABA Campus and stay competitive.”
The DCC obtained a total of six medals; two Gold Medalists, one Silver Medalist, and three Bronze Medalists which helped to secure 5th overall in Athletics and 9th runner-up overall champion.
The awards received by the DCC honorians are as follows:
GOLD (Men’s Badminton Single)
Coaches : Mr. Gello Hondrade and Ms. Maybhel Hernandez
GOLD (Athletics – 800m dash Men’s Division)
Coach : Ms. Anthonette Mallari
Coaches : Mrs Judielyn Gutierrez and Mr. Harold Grant Gumabon
BRONZE MEDALIST (Athletics – 100m dash Men’s Division and 400m dash Men’s Division)
Coach : Ms. Anthonette Mallari
MAYBELENE D. SAN JOSE (Athletics- Shot Put Women’s Division)
Coach : Ms. Anthonette Mallari
On the other hand, the DCC OIC Directress, Ms. Kathleya Vianca P. Habon expressed her glee and encouragement with the message “Congratulations, to the entire DCC Squad. We have only just begun, and my foresight is we will be the next team to beat in the next few years. Let’s all gear up for a better and stronger DCC!”
DCC would like to acknowledge the personalities and offices behind its success: DHVSU Management for the financial assistance and support; LGU through the leadership of Mayor Rene E. Maglanque for the transportation support; Coun. Ramjay Maglanque for the donates volleyballs; Coun. Thelma Macapagal for the financial assistance; and the coaches and players for their hard work and dedication; the Student Council of DCC and the SPES Student Assistants for the extended help and undying support to their fellow DCC Honorians.
The DCC community is very proud to all the players who fought and gave their best to win the trophy.
Report by: Remigio R. Dungo III
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