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About The Mayor


Mayor Rene Estacio Maglanque more popularly known as “Ing Malugud” among his constituents is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Adamson University.He is the youngest among the seven children of Fidencio Cunanan Maglanque and Felicisima Turla Estacio.  Happily married to Annabelle Alarcon Maglanque, the couple were blessed with three offsprings. Coming from a not so privilaged family, he instilled the value of hardwork and persevearance among his children Rene Maglanque Jr., Macy Monique and Mikka Nicolette who are now excelling in their chosen fields of endeavors. Mayor Maglanque never fails to express his fondness to his grandchildren Gab, Mathew, Sydney and Sam  for he always find time to have a quality bonding time with them.

Professionally, he is an active member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers-Pampanga Chapter. He is also a member of the Rotary Club of Timog for quite a while. From 2015 to this day, he is the general manager of the Globalcrete Builders, Incorporated, a company which specializes in engineering and construction works.

Mayor Maglanque’s political career spans several decades. He served as municipal councilor from 1992 to 1995 then elevated to Board Member of the fourth district of Pampanga from 1998 to 2001. He also worked as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communication from 2001 to 2004. His bid to assume the mayoral position came into fruition from 2013 to 2016 where he initially staged his grand vision for the municipality of Candaba. Since then, the once idle and agriculture dependent municipality has experienced stages of transformation readying itself to the changes and challenges decreed by the future. All these were made possible under the vision and wise management of Mayor Maglanque.

Through the strong leadership of Mayor Maglanque, Candaba ranked first among the LGUs which received the Manila Bay Clean Up Rehabilitation and Preservation Program last year which is a testament of the municipality’s commitment to maintain the cleanliness of its waterways and preservation of its natural environment.

Ing Malugud is a champion of education. His vision is to have at least one member of the family to finish  college a degree. He believes that educated citizens are empowered citizens. This sparked the establishment of Don Honorio Ventura State University-Candaba Campus which provided quality education to nearly six hundred students in its first year of operation. Cash assistance, uniforms and tablets were also provided which gave ease to the students’ learning process at this time of pandemic. He also facilitated the construction of additional classrooms and other educational facilities to cater the growing needs of both elementary and highschool students in the entire municipality.

As a visionary, Mayor Maglanque is also firm to his belief that in order for Candaba to progress continuously, connectivity and accessibility must be established municipal wide. During his first term, he was able to  link  the three regions of Candaba as well as connecting it to the neighboring municipalities of San Miguel, San Ildefonso and Baliwag which are all part of the province of Bulacan. Knowing that Candaba is a flood prone area, he prioritized the upgrading of roads or their height elevated and the promotion of massive infrastructural projects such as the Candaba Cut Off Channel in order to facilitate the unimpeded flow of economic and other important activities any time of the year.

Mayor Maglanque also understands the importance of health in fullfiling his dream for the municipality to accelerate its rate of progress. Having said that “ a healthy citizen is a productive citizen”, he has already accomplished the initial steps to upgrade the existing Candaba Municipal infirmary into a 1st Level General Hospital. This would mean that more medical services will be offered not only for the people of Candaba but to other nearby towns as well.

While Ing Malugud is looking and thinking of the welfare of the public, he never forget the needs of his employees. Soon after he realized that a significant number of employees were hoping to have a home that they can call their own, he immediately coordinated to a developer to pave the way for the construction of a subdivision intended for the municipal employees.

As for the actions taken by the municipality to address issues regarding Covid -19, it is currently maintaining a 38-bed isolation facility for assymptomatic patients and 6-bed Covid 19 ward for patients with mild Covid -19 symptoms located at Candaba Infirmary. Candaba was the first municipality in the province to designate marked vehicles to transport assymptomatic patients to isolation facilities. Some of the innovations he implemented as Covid-19 battered the municipality were the On Line Drugstores and On Line Supermarket where he forged an agreement to the major supermarket and drugstores of the municipality.He also launched the Adopt A Family Program where fiancially challenged  families were supported  by those  individuals who have the means to share their blessings during the height of the pandemic.    Continuous provision of food packs for Covid-19 affected families is still undertaken and a record of eight waves of food pack distribution which benefited thirty three thousand one hundred fifty nine (33,159) families was achieved under his initiative at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Mayor Maglanque acknowledges the importance of peace and order in the economic building of the municipality. With his administration and PNP’s pleasant relationship, the municipality enjoys a relatively peaceful environment. As crime incident is relatively low, the municipality is beginning to see itself as a potential location where business ventures will flourish.

Staying true to his monicker “Ing Malugud”, Mayor Maglanque sees no political affiliation and he is also an advocate of inclusivity. He sees to it that no one will be left behind and assures a balance distribution of projects and services among the  thirty three barangays of the municipality.

Mayor Maglanque is a man of action. He will untiringly fill up the gaps and discover all the missing pieces; to bind the town as one, to work together as one and to see the rise of Candaba on top as one.


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